Greetings from the Superintendent’s office. Homecoming is upon us here in the district and what a wonderful week it has been. In a high school such as Lone Peak, traditions are slow to build, however, following this year’s festivities, I can say that Homecoming traditions have not just solidified among the high school population, but are also now well ingrained in the culture of the school and town. The week was full of great events for students and staff. The parade was very well attended; a lot of work goes into the logistics of making these events happen and I want to thank all those involved. We had more floats registered than ever before and the quality of the community and student floats was outstanding. These events are among my favorites of working in a school. The students have such a nice, collegial and social time building floats and then having some time in the limelight during the parade. These are the times of life that they really forge relationships and work on skills of team work and social interactions with each other. In addition, participating in these activities translates to the academic environment where they also have to practice collegiality and working on common goals. We are quickly moving through the year here at the district and the conclusion of the 1st quarter is nearly upon us. Homecoming activities culminate with a student dance tomorrow evening. Have a great weekend and thanks for letting us work with your children – GO BIGHORNS!