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Tina Albers
OMS Health Enhancement
Ophir Middle School
Maggie Angell
1st Grade
Jackson Ballard
5th Grade
Ophir Elementary
Bob Bateman
Kate Beaudoin
OMS/LPHS English
Autumn Berry
Ophir Elementary
Erica Biggert
Jarrett Blackburn
IT Manager
Andrew Blessing
Technology Director, LPHS Design Technology
Julie Bremer
2nd Grade
Dr. Joy Brooke
MTSS Coordinator
Kate Brunswick
3rd Grade
Ophir Elementary
Kenidi Campa
5th Grade
Tony Coppola
LPHS History, IEFA Coordinator
Susan Dahinden
K-12 Library
Matt Daugherty
School Marshal
Devin Doeblin
OMS/LPHS Special Education
Hilary Donnelly
OES Special Education
Ophir Elementary
Travis Earl
School Resource Officer
Dr. Kate Eisele
OMS/LPHS Science