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Tuesday, December 13th - 3:45 PM

Ophir Elementary Conference Room

Welcome from the Board

The primary role of school boards is to ensure that all enrolled students are provided the best education possible in a safe environment with the necessary skills and attitudes to become effective citizens. Our unique and passionate community allows the Big Sky School District’s Board to push for so much more. We recognize that all children have incredible potential, and we are committed to cultivating each individual to their own successes and the successes of their classmates, their school community and the community at large.

Our district’s location, surrounded by the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, affords us an opportunity to incorporate experiential learning into our everyday lesson plans. This, combined with a commitment to globally-minded education, engages children and supports skills and inquiry based learning at the highest levels of academic challenge. Finally, we empower our students to lead lives of impact, authenticity and resilience. From the Board’s perspective, the above will be achieved by a commitment to the strategic plan, transparency and a pursuit of sustainable outcomes that can be met consistently.

Our results-oriented district is driven by a passionate, motivated and dedicated group of administrators and teachers. Scrolling through our Staff Directory, you will see the faces of people who are guiding and challenging our children to become great. We are committed to providing the best educators with continued professional development opportunities for growth.

In conclusion, it is important to note that our rural, public school district receives great support from our community. Big Sky is unique by all standards and many of the programs that we incorporate into the district are the result of tireless efforts and dollars from community members and businesses. Our taxpayers continue to show their commitment to education as our district sees unprecedented growth in population. These relationships are essential as we expect the exceptional children from BSSD to contribute to and make proud the exceptional community of Big Sky.


Big Sky School District #72, Board of Trustees

Board Members