Greetings from the Superintendent's office. As we move very quickly towards October, I am reminded of how quickly the school year passes and, even in these very strange time, how little time we have to make life long impacts on the students. The district has worked tirelessly over the course of the last few years to: align curriculum, plot long term strategy, establish a mission and vision, set short and long term goals and establish consistency in programming across the k-12 continuum. We feel like we have made great progress in all of these areas over the last few years and we are continuing that work in our current climate as well.

This week represents Homecoming week for Lone Peak High School. This year's Homecoming is filled with a plethora of events including spirit days at school, athletic competitions across the district; as many of you know, Lone Peak High School is less than 15 years old and each year the homecoming celebration and participation continues to grow. Special thanks to the many senior parents who have dedicated so much time to making this week great. Hope to see you all there celebrating your Big Horn Pride for Homecoming 2022!

Thanks for letting us work with your children.