Big Sky School District Community, 

Greetings from the Superintendent's office! 

We hosted our annual open house events over the course of this last week and had a great turnout. It is always a pleasure to see parents in the hallways, especially this year, and witness relationship building with parents and school staff. Thanks to all for taking the time to come to campus and participate in our Open House.

As you may or may not know, there is a significant employee shortage in our community and the school district is not immune to this. We find ourselves short staffed nearly every day, hence leading to overworking our already busy employees. If you, as parents, have any days in your schedule and feel that working some in the school would be a good match for you, please reach out to us. We would greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to come and help cover when people are missing.

On the facility front, the new field at Big Sky School District is completely finished. The boys football team will kick off tonight at 7 p.m. The team continues to work on Phase two of our expansion project and we are always appreciative of your patience with the traffic and parking as this works gets completed.

Thanks for letting us work with your children.