Dear Big Sky School District Community,

Greetings from the superintendent’s office. We have finished another busy week here in the district and are approaching out first major break of the year. Next Thursday and Friday are professional learning days for all educators in the state of Montana. The history of these days is that, early in October, the state teachers’ association hosted a conference for all Montana teachers to gather, share ideas, network and learn. Over time this has evolved to include specialist meetings (Art teachers, counselors, principals, superintendents, etc. etc. etc.) as well as other conferences dedicated to professional learning.

We are hosting a great conference on our campus this year. Our staff and other regional school staff will be able to attend a workshop lead by Ruby Payne who is a worldwide ambassador for the emotional well-being of students and renowned expert in the area of cultivating emotional wellness for students. In addition to a great learning opportunity for the professional educators in Montana, this is also a great time for students to take a break from school.

As we make the turn towards winter, colder weather and snow, please remember to dress your students appropriately. A few reminders to our adverse weather policies are these: students will have outside recess when the temperature is at or above 0°F, busses can’t run in temperatures -20°F or colder and school will remain in session unless the temperature drops to -40° F or more at the school by 7 a.m. Thanks for your attention to your students’ cold weather attire.

We look forward to: learning and collaborating, having the students get a breather and re-energizing for the months ahead.  Have a great weekend and thanks for letting us work with your children.