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Scott Hammond


I was born in 1971 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  My parents, Carl and Mary, raised my brother Steve and I there.  My family had the good fortune of owning a small cottage in northern Michigan on the shores of Lake Leelanau, near Traverse City.  My best childhood memories are at the Lake with family and friends.  Both parents, being school teachers, had summers free and this allowed us to spend so much time “Up North” as they say.

Both of my parents spent their careers in public education.  Having been influenced by them, I too, graduated from the reputable public school system in Ann Arbor, I believe strongly that a public school system is fundamental to a commmunity and can be the foundation for a student’s success now and into their future.  After graduation from high school in Ann Arbor I went straight to Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.  After four years, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in geography with an emphasis in environmental resource management and a minor in business.  At that point, I left Michigan and slowly made my way out west, as they say.  Once to Big Sky, in the Winter of 94/95, I landed my first job at Lone Mountain Ranch in the housekeeping department.  Over the next few years,  I kept several random jobs doing construction, maintenance and care taking.  My first care taking job (as there have been a few), opened my eyes to the possibility of a small business, one in the property management field.  Soon after, I founded Hammond Property Management Inc (HPM) in 1997.  It started small with an old computer, a decent tool box and an ’86 Toyota pick up truck.  After many years of hard work and building my business, HPM has evolved into a full service service company with approximately 20 employees and over 1200 customers.  I like to think we are a strong, small business with a reputation for taking good care of our customers and doing what we say we will do.  

I shouldn’t forget to mention my wife and best friend, Krisy.  We meant that first Montana winter at Lone Mountain Ranch.  We became fast friends and eventually married in the Summer of 2000.  Krisy and I have two kids, Chloe and Gus.  We are a very close family and delight in living in Montana!  As a family, we enjoy hiking, biking, rafting, camping and hunting.  Krisy and I try to stay involved with Ophir and Lone Peak High and help when we can. We enjoy being involved with the kid’s sports, academics and extra curricular activities including a six year run coaching Big Sky little league as well as serving on a few volunteer boards over many years.  

I designed and built our home in 2001. Krisy and I  have planted many seeds here, we live on 13 acres in the foot hills just above the Big Sky School district.  

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