Message from Superintendent

The Big Sky School District #72 is a learning community nestled in Montana’s Gallatin Canyon on the banks of the Gallatin River. It is in this unique environment that we provide a comprehensive education for all learners within our community. We are deliberate about cultivating student’s experiences in an inclusive school environment while challenging them to strive for personal excellence and foster respect through compassion for others, our environment and the world.

Since 1906, Ophir Elementary and Middle school have been providing education to the children of the Gallatin Canyon. In 2009, we expanded our school district and opened Lone Peak High school.

Academics are a high priority for our school community with over 95% of our graduates attending higher education. As an IB world school, Lone Peak High School is committed to developing knowledgeable, caring young people who will be ready to negotiate their futures successfully and make contributions resulting in a more harmonious and peaceful world. At Big Sky School District, our student body is currently 385 students. From classrooms, to athletics, from theater to community service, each of our 385 students cultivate their intellect and intercultural understanding while practicing commitment, leadership and meaningful reflection.

Big Sky Schools are set in the context of the Great Yellowstone Ecosystem; our students excel in a system of outdoor education, standards based curriculum and high expectations for personal and academic growth. Under the tutelage of our highly educated and talented staff, Big Sky School students access rigorous learning opportunities and strive for personal growth.

By investing in the quality and skill of our staff, with a strong commitment to technological resources, our innovative school board assure us as leaders of education in our region and in the state of Montana. Our learning community is welcoming and accepting of all those we are able to reach.

We strive every day to exist at the “Peak of Excellence In All That We Do!” We are thoughtful about balancing intellectual, physical and personal development through our educational endeavors. We are proud of our past, excited about our present and dedicated to our future. Please take some time to get to know us through the pages herein on our website or contact the office to arrange a formal visit. We look forward to seeing you here in Big Sky.

Dr. Dustin Shipman

Our Mission and Vision

At the Big Sky School District We

Cultivate Each Student’s Potential

  • Meet each child where he / she is currently
    • Committed to differentiated instructional approaches and practices
      • Utilize student achievement data to improve upon student outcomes
      • Commitment to professional development
      • Resourceful staff and community

  • Provide access to an exceptional experience
    • High aspirations in a rural setting
      • Commitment to partnering with community for unique experiences
      • Commitment to successfully preparing all students for their next steps

  • Welcome students and families from all backgrounds, experiences and talents
    • Inclusive school environment
      • Commitment to non-native English speakers
      • Commitment to celebrating diversity

Engage in Globally Minded Education and Experiential Learning in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

  • Provide academically challenging and rigorous curriculum and instruction
    • Commitment to inquiry based teaching and learning
    • Commitment to skills based teaching and learning
    • Commitment to critical, analytical and insightful thinking

  • Encourage creativity in our students
    • Program emphasizing Arts and Sciences
      • Exposure to Art, Music and Design
      • Experiential learning in the sciences

  • Holistic approach to student learning
    • Program emphasizing the whole child
      • Outdoor and experiential education for all
      • Global and local citizenship
      • Education in character development
      • Offer and support a wide range of extra-curricular activities

Empower Students to Lead Inspired Lives of Impact, Resilience, and Authenticity

  • Innovative and entrepreneurial
    • Deliberately engage local, national and international resources
    • Commitment to technology integration and digitial citizenship

  • Confidence
    • Challenge and support all students
    • Balance academics, athletics and activities
    • Support originality in students

  • Respect, compassion, accountability
    • Program reflective of rigorous assessment
    • Education reflective of local and global issues
    • Arm students to better the world they are living in
    • Selflessness - beyond one's self
    • Commitment to service learning

The District in Action